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      I have paid a visit to my universities student disability center today. I was only able to get a few phamphlets on disability because no one was in<summer>. There is a systemic disability for immunologic diseases. Also I am wondering if graves patients would have a learning disadvantage with the cognitive problems associated with graves? Would my lack of focus and memory problems be considered a disadvantage? Would my hyper-distracted brain and anxiety be considered as well? What about my eyes? Has anyone dealt with this and know what the proper procedure is? I know this is a temporary state of disability and I think they will help you with notetaking as an accomodation. I”m not asking for a free ride but I would like the same advantages as other students as it is a competitive world out there. Also it seems it is best to have your medical condition documented for when you have Dr, appts or bad days and cannot attend. Truly it is hard enough holding a conversation so I canot imagine writing a paper right now….will put off the harder subjects til later.
      Please give me feedback fellow warriors….the support of this group has given me the strength I have so far.
      I’m ready to get on with life…its so short already and i’m no spring chicken.
      Thanks all,

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