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      I was diagnosed with GD in August 2019. My entire body hurt, joints, muscles, skin. I shook so bad I needed to hold my cup with both hands to drink. Weakness made it impossible to climb stairs without holding the rails and pulling with both hands I thought it might be Lyme disease as I had been clearing fence rows 2 months prior and was covered with deer ticks. My PA ordered blood work and before I had gotten home they were calling with an appt with an endo.
      My TSH was 0. Of course I had no idea what that meant and began doing research.
      My endo was a super, intelligent, lovely guy. He put me on methimazole 20 mg and metoprolol. After the research I made diet changes.
      2 weeks ago he called and said stop both meds, my numbers are perfect.
      Today I go for more blood work.
      Is this what havivg GD looks like? Do we go into remission but have it recurr the rest of our lives? I am not complaining, I call this my “big adventure” when talking to friends. But reading these posts makes me have more questions, and feel much less alone. Thank you for being here!

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        Hello and welcome – if you have a definite diagnosis of Graves’, hopefully, your doctor has tested your antibodies (TSI or TRAb). If antibodies are still raging when antithyroid meds are withdrawn, there is a risk of recurrence. Some patients do go into an extended period of remission, although this is more likely if the antibodies are no longer present.

        There are also other potential causes for hyperthyroidism. For example, in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, patients sometimes go through a period where thyroid hormone levels are too high – and then eventually shift hypOthyroid.

        Either way, hopefully, your doctor has a followup scheduled to make sure that your levels are still good. And if you notice a change in your symptoms before your appointment, definitely call your doctor’s office and get in sooner.

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          Thank you! My endo said I definitely have Graves and has my blood checked every 3 weeks watching my levels. I guess I need a book to understand what numbers are good and where. I appreciate your support!

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