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      Glad to hear the good news donnalynn! It sounds like you found a gem of a new doctor.

      I saw my endo yesterday, and he raised my Armour dose. I’ve been having muscle fatigue and general fatigue as well as a return of my Raynaud’s syndrome, hair loss, joint pain, etc. with a TSH around 2. I definitely feel best with a TSH around 0.5.

      I hope we both feel better soon!

      Dianne W

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        Thanks Dianne for all of your help! I didn’t realize that you weren’t an endo, but regardless you provided me with some valuable info. I went to the new doctor today and she was awesome! She admitted to not being an expert on Graves but would listen to me and my body and try to get my levels back to a .5 to a 1.0 where I felt better. We start with .150 mg of synthroid tomorrow with a 6 week followup. She did say that she just attended an endo conference and went to a seminar on Graves in which the speaker informed the doctors that people with Graves do better with a lower TSH, around .5-1.0 which is precisely what I’ve read in the bulletin board!!!

        Thanks again! I’m hoping to be on the road to recovery!!!!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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