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      the mean Di struck again.
      This afternoon my wife told me to read something. It was from the Depression BB on this support group. You guys should read it. I dont remember the date but it was recent.

      I just got done posting to the people on the depression BB, and told them what she was doing…How could she do that to people suffering from depression.

      She really upset my wife. I’m sure she upset alot of other people.

      I hope that her convictions overcome her this Christmas, and her heart will be swayed!


      PS- it seems she has a problem with something, because ahe posted early this morning (seomthing like 3:00am)

        Post count: 93172

        I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday with their
        love ones. I’ve spent a very quiet Christmas eve
        with my hubby and tomorrow my Grandmother is coming
        over to spend the day with us. It’s difficult being
        away from all your family during such a special time
        of year but we have them all within our hearts.
        This is where Di comes in. I check this BB whenever
        I can because I never know when there may be a post
        that contains information that may be helpful to me.
        Also there may be a posting in which I can help a
        certain individual in some way, and if I have been
        of any help, even in the smallest way, that makes
        me feel good. I think Di may have a chip on her
        shoulder, my hope is that she will not carry it
        around with her forever. Support groups are great.
        The thing is a person never knows when they may
        need the support of others. Everyone needs to feel
        they are not alone. What a terrible existance if
        we were. Di I wish you much happiness, I hope that
        if you ever do need some support in dealing with
        some problem that may arise you will find the support
        you need. People should not have to go through
        things alone when there are so many people willing
        to listen and offer a word of compassion and advice.
        Well back to my wonderful hubby!

        Happy Holidays!

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