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      Thanks for the info. Wow your antibodies were extreemly high. No he didn’t say anything about the eyes yet. The last time we talked about the eyes was in the begining of things. I do get sandy feelings in my left eye and sometimes even a pain like behind it. I have wondered if it was part of my pulse. Did you have a fast pulse during this time also? The MD said it would explain the faster pulse ect. I don’t know sometimes I wonder if they know what is going on for sure though. I do however trust the MD he is the one who finally took a thyroid test, it wasn’t the same MD I have been seeing. Also could you tell me a little more about how yours began and the eye involvement.?
      Thanks much,
      Blessings Sally

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        Hi Dee

        Your antibodies are really HIGH! I will have to ask my endo for mine. Do the treatment help reduce the antibodies? Is “zero” normal? Thanks for replying.

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