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      Have heard little about the intravenous steroid stuff, sounds nasty. I took it orally for a year and half and hated the stuff. It does lots of not nice things to the body, but kept my eyes in my head.

      Go to the home page here and click on online support groups. There is information ther about getting to the chat room and you need to register at the Graves’ home page.

      How long have you had the Graves’?

      I really suggest you take the time to go back thru the messages, there is lots of great info there. Also check out the NGDF home page and the bulletins that are available.


        Post count: 93172

        I am new to this but it looks interesting and I have GD. I had one eye operated on several years ago to bring the lid down and it was not a bad experience. You look like you have been in a major fight for a week or so but worth the effort.
        Since my thyroid came back and I had the iodine treatment. The specialist was just going to do my other eye which had resulted from the overactive thyroid when it started swelling, weeping, was very painful and looks terrible! I have had three very strong doses of cortisone and prednisone by intravenous and I don’t think it helped. The side affects were awful. I see the Doctors tomorrow. How long does this last??
        Also, what is the chat line and how do I get to it?? I feel badly for everyone that has this disease but it is nice to read you comments and talk to you and realize I am not the only one who has suffered for the last ten years!! Thanks.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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