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    Lynn,doctors told me my blood was normal for months after ptu
    but i was going through hell with losing weight, the heart and more
    i had to make my own choice and took rai even knowing my blood was normal
    even when one doctor told me wait another 6 months i ran for the rai treatment
    i hope im making sence you see even with levels normal you can still be living
    in hell its called the war disease, and its name is graves.

    Thanks Steve,Ottawa

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    My daughter has been tested for Graves and it
    came back positive to our G.P. but the Endo
    then told her she did not have it.
    This was about 6-7 months ago.
    Now she is having all the classic symptoms
    weight loss, big time… itching,
    diahrea, hair loss…etc. etc.
    Anyone else had this happen with
    Endo saying levels are fine but all these symptoms???

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