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      Hi Shannon, I thought you joined the Thyroid Foundation of Canada. If you look at #6 in the information they sent it talks about Propranolol. This is Inderal.

      In case you don’t have it it says “Another tablet that can be given to treat the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is Propranolol. This drug blocks the effects of excess thyroid hormones on the heart, blood vessels, and nervous system, but has no direct effect on the thyroid gland.”

      Maybe you can talk to your Doctor about it when he returns. I’m sure it is very hard not seeing Doctors who are well versed in Graves Disease. Is it possible that before you move you could take a trip to Halifax and see if you can get some better information and treatment advice? Hang in there. It will get better, so I am told!

      My thoughts are with you. Take care, SAS

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        I have been feeling like a slug lately. My GP won’t be back until
        August 12. I’m presently on 0.15 mg of synthoid. How do you know
        how to change your dosage yourself? I’m to afraid to fool around
        with my medication, but I feel very out of sorts. Also what does this
        Inderal do for you and are there alot of Graves patients that take it?
        I wish I had an Endo! I get more from this board and other thyroid links
        then my regular doctor :}


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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