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      Good Morning,
      I know of a website you may want to read over to participate in
      thyroid research. The address is:
      It is based out of Philadelphia, Pa. Also, if you e-mail me I can give you the name
      of a well known graves disease eye researcher who is looking for
      participants for thyroid eye disease antibodies. All that is involved is having blood
      drawn. A little pain, maybe some gain!!

      Other than that there seems like there is little research being done.
      From personal experience with another auto-immune disease (diabetes- juvenile typeI)
      for my whole life of about 30 years you read about all of the advances in medicine with this
      because it affects 25 million Americans but they fail to mention that it is
      only for the Adult–type 2 onset: has there been more research. In 30 years I really
      have not seen that much research and they are a large organization
      of supporters out there. The only supporters cashing in are the “BIG BUSINESSES”-
      cashing in on products they are making. Your whole, Sugar substitute, soft drin
      industry and those diabetic supply companies. They may make your life a little it easier
      f you buy into them. From what I have seen as the major improvement
      is the way you take your insulin. You use to have to boil your needles to sterilize them.
      Now they are disposable. Also they came out with a pen type needle for you to use.
      Other than that, this disease is still pretty in its dormancy for type I diabetics.
      Most of the new meds are all for type II diabetics and Type I can’t use them.

      Sorry, I got carried away. But please look into the HBDI research and maybe if we all stick together
      we can make some difference. If not for ourselves but for the next
      Peace, Health and Happiness,

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        When alot of the articles read ” professionals don’t know why the
        thyroid stimulating antibodies turn around and attack the thyroid” means to me
        that there hasn’t been much research or that it is difficult to do and
        no one has realized the way it needs to be done.

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          Thanks for the input. Now I get an idea where you are coming from and may
          be able to better answer your questions. While in DC last year I had a chance
          to meet with Bill Starkweather. Bill is on our board of directors and his
          field of expertice is research. Bill’s wife died due to complecations of
          Graves (Had a heart attack after a change in meds). He has devoted his life
          to find better testing and drugs for GD. Now most of his research is done
          overseas. Why overseas you may ask? Because they can do research faster,
          cheaper and with less frestictions than the FDA allows for here. As for
          research for Graves specificaly?? Any research on autoimmune diseases will
          benifit all autoimune diseases. Work being done for diabities, arthritus,
          lupis etc. will directly benefit us all. So mayby that is the way to go.
          Who knows?? You have angered me once or twice with some of your comments but
          what the heck!! I have angered people with mine too. We just need to go to
          mutual corners and come out fighting together against Graves Disease.

          Hell back in my hyper days I would rip the heads of folks who I even thought
          were giveing me a hard time. I haven’t done that for years but the people who
          remember me that we still think I am that way. Once I got stable and over the
          majority of my eye problems I really mellowed out. Anti-depressents helped
          a great deal. Welcome Tom!! and if we anger you or you anger us or we both
          anger others we will work it out! I have said before it is hard to know what
          is in someones mind when they post since we can not see if they are smiling
          at something they posted thinking it funny only to anger others. Done that

          This BB has helped hundreds and hundreds and sometimes when posts “seem” to
          be getting out of hand I as facilitator step in and try to get us back on track.
          All are welcome here even if it don’t seem that way sometimes. Why not try
          to come to our convention in Lexington KY this year and ask the doctors about
          research? Sometimes the meetings and discussions with doctors get really
          interesting. The convention is going to be in late July early August.
          Look forward to seeing as many of us that can make it. Last year we had about
          20 of us on the BB go and we had a rip roaring good time

          Love to all (yes even you TOM)

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