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      i had to quit because the doc told me to.
      then i lost a job because the lady said i had too many doctor appointments.
      now i cant get a job because im too sick.
      i didnt mind quitting my job when the Endo said to. i was quite happy actually.
      im going to try and get a job as an appretince for a photographer. he knows my whole background and GD.
      it pays to have friends:)

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        Here, here…. I hereby Nominate Ms. Goiter (AKA J—-T???) to do a survey of modest proportions but of possibly inestimable value,
        on the relation of job to graves….graves to job .

        All you ayes, send in your info to Ms. Goiter!! seriously this is the forum for info collection.

        In my case, if I had had a 40 hour a week job I would have died.
        Seriously, don’t know how some of you do it. I work in a office
        attached to my home; commuting is a walk through the flowers,a staircase
        and a deck) I am self employed and schedule all work myself. So I cut
        back and collapsed as needed all around my work. FFamily took up other slack
        like champions. I remember thinking that the private disability
        insurance I pay for may not be a luxery after all. Okay Ms. Goiter, check with me if you want ideas
        on how to organize save present etc. the info. I am serious. Are you? Oh, that’s right, you said you were just curious.
        Well, maybe some one else will help you or steal your idea?

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          Working 40 hours a week is not easy. Add to that 2 children,
          a husband, a house, and going back to college 10 hours this
          semester. Am I crazy?

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            GOOD QUESTION!! I switched jobs because my partner was head-hunted to a fabulous job so I left my job, relocated with her and began a new job. It is weird because I know I don’t have the same quickness I used to have. We moved right after my diagnosis and radiation (which followed the next week). This was not pretty.

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              I have had a couple differnt full-time jobs since I was diagnosed. Last year, when I was pregnant, I was working 2 jobs, usually 45-60 hours a week. I was tired! I finally had to quit one job in my last month, because I got the flu so bad, my doc thought I would end up with pneumonia. This fall I plan to work, go to school full-time as well as be single mommy to my son. We will see how that goes.

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                How many people have either lost their jobs or switched jobs since
                their diagnosis with Graves’?

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                  I had to leave my teaching job because of a hearing disorder post GD.
                  I lost my computer programming job 2 years ago because I had trouble
                  concentrating and memory loss.
                  This disease has so many effects on our bodies and minds, its a wonder
                  more of us don’t lose our jobs.
                  I know many who lost their jobs within 3 years of developing a thyroid
                  problem. Lost productivity. Hard to get along with. Absenteeism (more
                  than 4 days and you’re on the termination list). Loss of mental power.
                  Disorganization. Most of them don’t realize that the thyroid problem
                  may have caused all these effects and don’t realize what’s happening
                  to them.

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                    At the first conference in Berkeley we had quite a few people who lost
                    their jobs. A hairdresser who couldn’t hold up her arms. Another woman
                    who got fired because she needed to take a few minutes a day to treat her

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                      Great idea! Let’s get as much documented as we can. I think I read
                      something from the TFA that said we don’t tend to lose our jobs. So
                      if you have lost your job or this disease has impacted your effectiveness,
                      write in folks.
                      We need to document everything. It is very unusual to have a disability
                      claim honored because of GD. After all, it’s only a thyroid thing.
                      Pardon my sarcasm.

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                        Just as an addendum to what Joan has written, the Social Security Homepage (Under Disability) has a file that can be downloaded that outlines all the qualifying critieria physicians must meet when certifying a patient for disability. It’s a very lengthy file and the print is tiny. It divides the criteria up according to body systems. Under Endocrinological Disorders, Graves Disease is listed but apparently the only qualifying medical diagnosis for disability is progressive exopthalmyopathy (sp?).
                        This criteria must be addressed by a opthalmologist and is very, very, specific in terms of the degree of empirical evidence of eye damage and dysfunction. I am assuming this means that at least as far as Social Security is concerned, progressive eye changes are the only legitimate problem associated with GD that they are willing to consider in certifying someone for disability. We all know however, that the other problems discussed on the BB are extremely disabling and certainly do interfere with out ability to carry out our jobs and our lives. FYI…Luci C.

                        Luci C.

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                          This is certainly an interesting topic about jobs and GD. After RAI I was terrified
                          of gaining back weight. I spent hours exercising. I was ravenous.
                          Actually I was a wreck worrying about it all. It was all I could
                          do to keep up with so little food and all that exercise, being *very*
                          hypo, a very stressful and demanding job and a child with a great learning disorder.
                          I considered taking medical leave. (I had 1200 hour of sick leave saved up.)
                          The empathy I got from my boss was, “What is wrong with gaining back
                          the 130 pounds? You lost it once. You can do it again. Just
                          wear mumus.” Don’t you just love ’em?

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                            Hello all,

                            Regarding the devastations on work etc….On the survey the last column
                            I do is POST TREATMENT SYMPTOMS……Lots of you tell me lots…and
                            lots of you seem to miss this question. Any of you who ever have more
                            to add to your survey data can just send it in to me. What I do is
                            assign your name a code number, so if I have identifying info, your name
                            email or??? then I can find your code number and ADD to YOUR record.
                            If you have had treatment and still feel, well, AWFUL- UGH – UGH
                            I’ll probably quote you.
                            I try to write what you say in this box. Like,” Feels okay but still
                            has weak muscles, anxiety and low energy.” OR ” Still has major
                            classic hypo symptoms” So this format for capturing your concerns
                            does ALREADY EXIST.
                            Remember, the survey or bank of data on our pain and suffering and
                            victories ( when we have them) can be used as many different ways as
                            we can realize.

                            I wonder if I scrolled through the posts and compared the descriptive
                            honest letters ( the last few days could keep me busy a long while)
                            and then appended the survey entries to reveal what you actually reveal
                            in your posts…how different might it be than the measured responses
                            most of you send me? Part of the reason I am aware of this
                            is because I originally began by making charts of what different posts
                            revealed. There are some of you I had filled in so many categories on,
                            I could see that by combining the info in on-going posts an incredible
                            picture would emerge, but I wanted your permission and support and
                            your assurance of my accuracy. So when you do fill out your survey,
                            realize it may have a real purpose and be of help….
                            For those of you recently diagnosed and treated who eagerly
                            submitted, thank you, thank you…but remember to send updates
                            so that I can change the “TOO NEW” comment I wrote in POST TREATMENT
                            SYMPTOMS to accurately reflect your experience. Also realize that
                            if for any reason I cannot realistically or adequately do this project
                            I will, through NGDF, put it in hands that can continue to both
                            safeguard our original agreements ( confidentiality etc ) and press
                            on to compile and submit the info to document facts and pose on-going
                            questions about treatment effects and future possibilities. I suppose
                            if you all want to add a tooth column we can do that.
                            I have adjusted to how cumbersome the info is and all.

                            OKay, let me know what you think. A couple of times I wrote about the
                            survey and got no I asked if y’all wanted some prelim
                            #’s and I posted what states we were from and I heard nothing; so I
                            figured that I was the only one weird enough to be interested.
                            (Most of the time I resist the temptation to draw inferences from silence, but not always).
                            Any way…bye on this subject…

                            Maybe I have the strength left to talk to some of the incredible posts of today.
                            I hope so because you are incredible people. Best regards!!Jeannette

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                              I changed jobs and locations. I moved from Texas to Michigan. I could
                              no longer stand the heat and humidity of south east Texas. …Carolyn

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                                Just to add my mottled employment record to the list:
                                I was running my own vending machine company so I didn’t have an unsympathetic boss breathing down my neck but there were days where physically, I could not fill the van up with stock or I’d get half way finished with the run and I be shaking and so weak from carrying the cartons of drink I’d have to stop. I ended up trying to sell and then getting people in to look after the machines for me. I took some part-time administration work (I have a desk-top publishing/accounting backround) to help pay off the debt on the vending machines. I now get basically no income from the machines and still owe money on them. It’s a bit of a mess, but my boyfriend has been able to support me financially while I get it all straightened out. Now that the GD is under control I’m going for it again (that entreprenurial spirit is hard to keep down) with a book keeping and business services enterprise called COMPASS. This way, if I need a nap in the afternoon, no boss can fire me and if I have a sleepless night, I can go into my office (the second bedroom converted) and do bank reconcilliations and log the hours! What do you reckon people? Is this a silver lining or what? You all take care. Hare Ra.
                                Carol Anne

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