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      I tried to send something profound yesterday, but its off in cyberspace somewhere. I am feeling culturally challenged–I’m not native American Indian, Swedish, Hawaiian, or anything else
      you can put your finger on, but I am SOUTHERN to the bone…so I guess you will have to put up with some “Southernisms” in self-defense. Right now, “HAPPY NEW YEAR, YA’LL!”
      I am almost caught up for the past week, at least. I think there are two or three weeks back there that I will get to soon. Like Jake, I have been sending some late e-mails. I have done 42 today, and I hope some of the information is still timely. There would be more, but there were not e-mail addresses for some people.
      Over the weekend I will write up my surgery, and the bone implants. In the meantime, I will be cheering my favorite indians–the FSU SEMINOLES–in tomorrow night’s game.
      Nancy in North Carolina (from Florida)

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