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      Hi all. I’ve been off the board because I had another eye surgery last week. So far so good. It’s their third crack at the cataract that won’t die! In catching up I noticed a couple of questions about eye surgery, remission, and some new people starting through this disease. First, after five plus years on anti-thyroid meds I had RAI. Stayed hyper for over a year after that but finally settled down and have been in remission since July. To say it was a rocky road is an understatement. There were times when I thought I would never feel good again. People would post that they were better and I couldn’t believe it would happen for me. It does! Time and patience, you will get better. Okay, now for eyes. I had radiation treatments twice and neither worked. Had one decompression surgery before the second set of radiation treatments. Then had the decompression on the other eye. Developed cataracts from the steroids. One came out with no problem. The other eye isn’t cooperating. But my vision is okay; my eyes are
      okay. Again it’s wait it out and get through it. One can’t minimize the problems you have in coping with graves and you have to remind yourself that it will end.

        Post count: 93172

        I just returned from my indo, and there are a few things bothering me… He didn’t have a current lab to work with the most recent one I had was 3 weeks old and I have only started on the Synthroid 6 weeks.
        My labs when I first started the syn where TSH:125.8
        T4;1.0, I was started on 150mcg. After about 2 weeks I was feeling much better then began to feel worse again. Called for the lab draw 3 weeks after starting the syn. the TSH was 15.9 and T4 normal. I was told today that the amount of syn was based on weight and not on lab results. I had never heard that before, has anyone else been told this info? Also, I was having severe muscle cramps in my neck while I was hypo, these have lessened in freg. but my left arm remains numb all the time. the endo said this will go away with time, that my muscles must recover first that if it continues for some time we may look into it further. Has this occurred with anyone that was hypo? Well thanks for any answers I appreciate it..

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