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      Hi everybody:

      I went to the endo today and got great results. My tsh was 1.6,
      our goal was to have the tsh be somewhere between 1.0 and 2.0. I
      don’t know if I can get more close than that. YIPPEEE!! Thats
      the good news. Then I met the doctor-from-hell.

      The endo that I see practices at a teaching
      hospital. So, generally what happens is an intern or a resident
      will see me first and do the preliminary workup. Then the doctor
      comes in and makes sure everything is all right. Its not a problem.
      So today, a family medicine resident doing his endocrinology
      rotation was the flavor of the month. I was talking to this guy
      and I don’t even know what I said. Well, he responded with, “are
      you a doctor or a nurse?” I said no, I work in a medical library.
      Then of all the nerve!!, he said something to the effect, “you need
      to curb your vocabulary, you sound like you know what you are doing!’
      All of you would be proud of me, I remained calm and did not decapitate
      this jerk. I said, “I will use my entire vocabulary at my will. I
      will not curb my genuine understanding of my disorder because you
      or any doctor is uncomfortable with a knowledgable patient.” He
      just gasped! Then I said, “Doctor, please don’t feel intimidated
      by us, you should actually enjoy someone who knows what the hell
      you are talking about.” He left the room and did not say a word.
      He must have told my doctor, it was quite awhile before they both
      returned. She must have just reemed him out because when they returned,
      he was very polite, to the point of being annoying. I just smiled.
      Chauk one up for the Carolynmiester! CAn you beleive it! Sorry for
      the long post!


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