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      Cori –

      I know exactly how you feel, and it is a comfort that others are going
      through the same (misery loves company!) I have gone from being
      underweight when I first had Graves (4 years ago)
      to being overweight wihout seemingly changing a thing about my “regular”
      routine.n If anything, I have been trying to eat healthier and excerise more.
      I am sick of fruit and veggies!!

      But there is hope!! I had a long conversation with my Doctor last night
      regarding the sudden weight gain, and he has assured me that it is temporary.
      Your body just goes through so mnay difrrenent horomones when you are recovering
      from Grave’s – he compared it to going through menopause and being pregant
      at the same time!! You want to eat more to fuel your body – but it doesn’t
      work. I was especially scared beacsue I gained 5 lbs. over the weekend, and I was
      rollerbalding 6 miles and eating practialcyy nothing. He said that
      when I do get back under control that 10 lbs. of it will come off in one
      week because most of it is water weight and because I am constipated.
      Which I hadn’t thought of before he mentioned it, but it is true.
      This morning I has a hearty bowl of bran flakes with a cup of coffee – and
      still nothing!! He did say that it will be hard to take off that final
      ten, but promised to put me on a diet that will help take it off –
      which should help stabilize me back to normal.

      I know how hard it is – because I am going through the same thing right now.
      I was forced to go into a store last night and buy some new skirts for
      work becase I can’t fit into anything I own anymore and I had to buy stuff
      two sizes larger than I used to be! I know that some people feel like it
      is worse to be on the other end of the spectrum.
      I too looked ghastly, because I am normally around 120-125 lbs – where
      I have been my whole adult life. When I lost all the weight
      I was maybe 100lbs and people constantly came up to me and asked
      if I had cancer or if I “threw up” after I ate.
      Nice questions huh? I was also looking or Size 1 because my
      Size 4 was hanging off of me. But, now being on both sides
      I have to say that I would rather be underweight any day than
      have to keep expanindg. Especially in the midst of bathing
      suit season!

      I also have been on an emotional rollercoaster and cry alot!
      (I never usd to cry) My boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks
      ago because he couldn’t take the moodiness anymore and I really
      don’t balme him. I am also much to hot most of the time and
      VERY irratible. However, in about the past two weeks
      the jittery hands seems to have subsided which is good.
      The one thing that I have not experienced that you have is
      the loss in sex drive. Quite contrary, I can’t seem to get enough
      and it’s been better than ever. Too bad my boyfriend and I
      broke up!

      Write back and hopefully we can all go through it together!!!!

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