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      In preparation for our San Diego Patient & Family Conference June 14-17, we’ll be polling our online community regarding coping strategies.

      If we share your comment, we’ll use your screen name – unless you would prefer your post to be anonymous.

      Interested in attending the conference? Check out our sticky post or visit for details!

      Today’s question: You’re talking to a family member…or that annoying co-worker…or your kid’s teacher…and you feel your GRAVES’ RAGE coming on.


      How do you respond?

      (Side note: when emotions are out of balance, this can potentially be a sign that thyroid levels are out of balance. In other cases, there might be a separate underlying disorder that could benefit from treatment. If this issue is affecting your life, talk to your doctor!)

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        Hi Kimberly,

        Before I was diagnosed I became aware that I was getting very impatient with my little poodle. Going for walks, him wanting to sit with me, it seemed that everything he did set me off. By that time my husband had passed away and I thought it was just stress from nursing him for 7 years. So it was just the dog and me. The poor thing did not know the “new” me.
        I am sure that family members noticed my change in character as well.
        After diagnosis and meds the old me was back – well, you know, almost.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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