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    Nancy, Jake, and friends,
    I am still troubled by the downward gaze diplopia. The 1st surgery,
    May 22,corrected direct gaze double vision,
    but left me with downward gaze ddoubblee vvissionn. A 2nd surgery, July
    16,had good effects for about 4 days, and the I lost whatever gain I had
    made. Dr.talks about surgery on the other eye to try to bring some
    balance to the muscles, the inferior rectus. I am not excited about it.
    I went to see a recommended, highly regarded optometrist, but he was not
    able to help with prisms. I have another contact to make,whom I hope will
    help, a strabismus dr.
    Jake, memory and mental processes have improved,but there is still
    much to wonder about. Reading these stories helps me realize I am still
    lucky or it is yet early in my Grave’s Disease (Spring 1994).
    I have since learned that 4 aunts, my mother, and a cousin, all have
    had Grave’s. I never knew of it till I heard it for myself!
    Presently, I am having great difficulty with reading, dinner plate
    distance; everything doubles up and gets in the way of each other. I
    misjudge short distances constantly, looking down.
    I will continue to research and check into options. I have learned, as
    have many others on these pages,you can’t assume your doctors know or
    tell you everything!

    Post count: 93172

    It almost sounds like the doctor hasn’t waited for your eyes to
    stabilize before surgery. My eye doctor made me wait almost two
    years before they did strabismus surgery. My eyes had to be stable
    for six months without change before they would consider surgery. How
    long were your eyes stable before surgery. If the muscles are still
    swelling and scarring it is useless to do surgery unless the double
    vision is so bad it has to be done. Let me know how you make out. Try
    needle point. It really did help me and I have been singing it’s
    praises since. Keep in touch.


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