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      OK Debby here I go!
      Hi all BBers who did not get to go to confernece!
      I am going to attempt to tell you about my favorite speaker.
      His name is Dr. Clifford Kuhn AKA The Laugh Doctor
      His RX for all of us reads:
      Disp: 30 Minutes aday
      SIG: Take self less seriously
      He stated the guidelines for healthy Laughter are
      1. Attitude: Be willing to laugh.
      2. Awareness: Rediscover your sense of humor.
      3. Discipline: Trust your sense of humor.
      4. Exercise: Laugh for thirty minutes daily.
      Try things like a visual: calender of your favorite cartoonist, funny socks (he was wearing bugs bunny with his suit), funny ties and well you get the picture.
      And work on the three HA’S
      Humor Attitude
      Humor Apttitude
      Humor Activity
      So all of us should change our hehehe’s to Hahaha’s!!
      A child who is 8 laughs 250 times in a day, as adults we only laugh on average, 15 times aday! So this is what we have to work on, Our bodies need to relax, the challenge is to get a minimum of thirty minutes of laughter aday. Faking a smile, you know the saying Fake it till you make it! Well even faking a smile has benefits to our bodies, it lowers the blood pressure even giving a fake smile!!!
      He told us to stretch our laugh muscles everyday by Lifting your eyebrows as high as you can (picture the room full of us doing this, yep brings a smile doesn’t) Grin big and then take that into a full smile! Look down and then look up. Now you have stretched your laugh muscles. Think of laughter as Gymnastics! Lighten UP! Step back after a mistake. Be tolerant of your short comings. Practice healthy humor effects and above all remember the three HA’s!!!!!!!
      Now I might add he wore a red clown foam nose during some of this and then when he conducted the room in a laugh symphony he wore a gray wig with a fake nose and glasses, part of the room did hehehehe’s and some of us did another kind of laugh he taught us and then our group had to do a full deep slap your knee laugh….well you get the picture, we were
      laughing so hard we could hardly do our part of the symphony!!!!

      I guess that this speaker really hit home to me because through this entire process of Graves’, I really lost my sense of humor that has served me so well for hmmmm 40 some years!
      This lecture was a breath of fresh air!
      In some small way I hope that I have made you smile today and maybe made you feel as tho you were all with us in that lecture!
      All of you mark your calenders right now for the conference for next year!!! July 16-18 1999 at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Louisville.
      I cannot even put into words how wonderful it was to meet Jan, Jake, MicheleB, Cindy, LynnPB and her Hubby and Jalee and the list goes on and on!!!!! Oh and I should tell you Lynn and Jan “cut a mean rug” when it comes to dancing!!!!
      Sorry this is so long and as you can probably tell, I could go on and on!
      HA HA HA

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        YES!! Thank you, Jennifer, for the detailed summary of one of the
        conference meetings. I, and others I’m sure, appreciate the time that
        you took to type your lengthy post. His talk sounds like common sense
        info that we so easily forget to do. We really need to take better
        care of ourselves, especially in the laugh department. I especially
        like his 3 HA acronyms. I’ll take that one to heart.

        I got my HAHAHAs in last night and today by “helping” my boss celebrate
        her 50th birthday. We sabotaged her office and computer with “Over the
        Hill” stuff and an amusing collection of bras (she needs all the SUPPORT
        she can get now!) We didn’t get fired, but kept her office door closed
        for some reason. ;) She even took us out for lunch. What a good sport!

        More, more, please…I’d love to hear from other conference goers.

        In appreciation, Debby

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          Evening Warriors,

          Will try to post some about the conference latter. Just good to be back home in our own home. The support group leaders stayed late and did the post conference notes and speaker evaluations. Over half of the folks there were first time conference goers and it was great. I have a list of everyone who was at the conference and their e-mail addresses. Will try to get them on the computer tomorrow or as soon as i can to get them all the address of this BB. Many of them did not know we were here!! Not any more!!!! Also did a sound bite for a ad to send out to doctors and companies about the BB and our NGDF web site.

          This tired warrior is going to bed!!

          Jake (Achgook)

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