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      This debate about blaming every little thing going wrong in our lives
      on Graves is really starting to get me a bit peeved to say the least!
      Nocomment did you have to give up a career you loved because of GD?
      I did, under my Opthos orders. Are you having ongoing problems with your
      eyes? I am. Are your levels constantly going up and down like a yo-yo?
      Mine are. Are you hypo one month and hyper the next? That is often the
      case with me. Believe me Nocomment this wears you out both physically
      and emotionally. If you are feeling healthy and happy God bless you.
      I like many others on this SUPPORT Board would love to be healthy too.
      Unfortunately we are not quite there YET. Once again wishing you
      continued health and much happiness.


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        I think they don’t get it. The complaints and problems that are “real”we all know about and sympathize with.The sweats,pains mental anguish,ups,downs,the arghhhhs,we know and understand. It’s the hangnail type stuff we’re talking about. I think Debby Jass,ever the vioce of reason put it just right(for me)Ditto Debby on everything you said.

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          fingernails may partially separate from
          the fingertips,making it difficult to keep
          dirt from accumulating under the nails. This
          is called onycholysis.

          Onycholysis improves after treatment of hyperthyroidism.
          The tips of the fingers may swell.This is called acropacy or clubbing.

          Acropachy is usually permanent.

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