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      I can tell you what i know about headaches. 1) the enzyme that is in food that can bring on migrained is called Tyramine. It is in lots and lots of food. The best thing to do is to get a comprehensive list of foods that contain Tyramine(should be at least 2 pages long) and stop eating all those foods. Then one at a time start a food again and see what happens. It’s called an elimination diet just like we do with babies. Things like tuna,bananas,cantaloupe,any citrus ,smoked foods ,cured foods (ie bacon and hot dogs) aged cheeses, wine,freshly baked bread,doughnuts,etc.etc. I have a great list If you all want me to I’ll post it. Also dairy products are terrible for headaches. But because Graves can make us more susceptible to osteoporosis we need to take a calcium substitute. The best medicine available to treat migraines is Imitrex available in self-administering shots or pills. there is also research that shows that there are more similarities between stress and migraine headaches than previously thought. Lidocaine as an inhaler helps about 50% of patients about 50% of the time. there is also an inhaler called DHE (dihydroergotomine) that can work well but is relly kind of toxic. Of course there are painkillers but frequent use of these whether OTC or scrip brings rebound headaches and depression. Also pain killers don’t treat the headache just the symptom. Today most md.s believe that migraines are caused by an imbalance in seratonin,the same neurotranmitter that causes most cases of clinical depression ,that is what the imitrex fixes . I’ve been hearing rumors about new meds coming out too. Also calcium channel blocker can be very beneficial in preventing migraines and help our heart problems. One thing about c.c blockers tho they can indrease Prolactin inthe body which can also cause headaches. I have some good books on the subject. I’ll find them and relay the Titles. If all of this sounds depressing I don’t mean it to..there is so much more available to day than even 6 yrs ago. I’ve had these headaches for 25 yrs and I ‘m thrilled that today I have some real ways to treat and lessen them. Lok my email address is LEt me know if I can Help in any way. As you can tell I’ve really educated myself on the subject. GOOD LUCK >>>KENDRA

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