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      My doctor keeps saying “when” we get the synthroid correct the condition will fix itself. Only thing is, he doesn’t seem to want to change the dosage very fast…only after i took meticulous reading of my BP and pulse, daily, AM and PM would he admit that maybe the dose was too low, and then he will only raise it .025 at a time. I think part of the weight gain is that I had no, repeat no energy for the last 4 months. At current dosage (.175) at least I feel like getting out of bed. Still have spells of the “blahs” though. I am also still on beta blockers due to heartrate fluctuating; and it does seem to be stress related. We have only 2 Dr.s in townwho specialize in Graves, and one is the other one’s mentor, so they see things the same. I get the feeling that they feel that are not too impressed by my list of symptoms; but since there are no alternatives, I just keep “whining” until I get them to readjust the dosage. Since I’ve had more energy, and am doing more exercise, I do see a LITTLE improvement in the weight. I too have arthritis in my back, but I had had several back injuries years ago, so don’t know if it’s related to RAI. Let me know how you do. Becky G.

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