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      This was available through the Australian Thyroid Foundation.
      Thyroid Patients should avoid.
      __Decongestants in tablet form.
      They can stimulate the thyroid gland and cause hyperthyroidism, or
      worse, thryotoxicosis. Use nasal sprays, drops, inhalations or anti-
      histamine instead.
      __Theophylline (found in cough mixtures such as Brondecon and
      Elixophyllin for dry or brochitis type coughts). It may affect thyroid
      function, and hypothyroid patients may have more “side effects” with
      theophylline. Use Pholcodine (found in Tussinol linctus or Duro-Tuss
      cough mixtures) instead.
      __Iodine/Iodide(found in cough mixtures for phlegmy or chesty/wet
      coughs. Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland and may cause hyperthyroidm
      or thyrotoxicosis. Use guaiphenesin (in Robitussin plain) or Bromhexine
      (Bisolvan) instead.


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