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      Nerves in the back gave way again. Started walking the dog – tripped on something and went flying. Hurt myself real bad so now I need to go back to the doctor and tell him this isn’t supposed to happen. Meds are fine. Hemoglobin count at 9.6 or something like that.
      well, don’t know what to do. My dog doesn’t like me anymore since I fell on him. He almost bit me!
      Okay, see you later.

      Not! Did have a problem with memory after RAI treatment. Kept going the wrong way down a one way street. Filled up the gas tank and kept looking at the price going up. Forgot to stop. Thak god I had extra money. Another time I couldn’t remember the code for my student card. That’s scary come to think of it.
      Went into the wrong class and sat down. Thought the instructor looked funny since it was supposed to be a woman instead of a man.
      Went to the grocery store without any money. And this was this year???

      clumsiness must run in the family. Either that or I’m bloody blind.

        Post count: 93172

        I bought a newspaper, took one step and promptly fell to my knees. Ripped my
        jeans and had blooody knees. I also had an audience for this stunt. I felt
        really “smart”. But that type of thing has started happening to me a lot lately.

        My memory used to be great. I’m using those memory tricks now. That still didn’t
        help me remember where I was last night. I sat in bed for about fifteen mins this
        morning trying to remember.

        Well, I forgot what my point was. Also not uncommon for me.

        Bu I do understand what you were saying. I can relate.

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