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      Dear CLP,
      I too am near sighted (-725) and have thought about either RK or
      the eximer laser treatment. Here are some other things I’ve considered:
      The cost. It could be about $5,000.
      Would you work better in your profession without glasses? (i.e., Law enforcement)
      How long have you had Graves? Are you past the “normal” period where eye envolvement might show up?
      How old are you? As we age those of us nearsighted folks may become somewhat farsighted.
      It may not eliminate the need for glasses.

      For me personally, it looked like there were too many variables in my vision
      and so it looked like I would still wear glasses anyway. The new high index lenses
      are very thin and light even for us coke bottle types even when they add in for
      astigmatism, prisms for strabismus (to correct that Graves double vision), etc.

      -Just some things to consider.

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