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      Welcome, Claude:

      I think many of us are newcomers; I am one of a couple weeks. If you have GD and need to be somewhere, this is it!

      Your posting RE: apathy made me finally put that title to how I had been feeling. My year+ of undiagnosed GD had me behaving in a manner totally inconsistent to who I was previously. I was cynical, bitter, angry, gossipy, and could care less about the rest of the world! Everyone was wrong, but me. I can not even count the number of people I “went off” at during that time. And it was because THEY were all “screwed up!” Man, am I happy to be empathetic and sympathetic again! The devil to apathy!

      I TRIED to help bring this all under control when I was diagnosed and educated myself about GD. Of course, (hormonally) I couldn’t do much, until the treatment brought me back into my own mind. I’m back to being a loving, giving person once again. Praise God!

      God bless you and hope to hear from you again.!

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