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      My friend’s grand daughter has Graves disease. She is 10 years old and her levels are high even after drug treatment. The doctor has recommended a thyooidectomy but I can’t find any information for
      for my friend on the results of surgery in such a young child. Any input?

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        Children used to be never treated with RAI because of the possibility
        of long-term radiation therapy effects in the expected life span of 70+
        years. Also, the involvement of thyroid hormones is greater in growing,
        differentiating tissues. I don’t know if this idea is changing due to the
        low reported problems with RAI therapy in adults.
        I would think that physicians would try the least invasive therapy first,
        and use PTU and Tapazole. If that was ineffective, the other treatment
        of choice is thyroidectomy.
        I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO TALK to these people as I had my first thyroid
        operation at age 12 after 2 years of PTU treatment which was not effective
        enough. Thyroid operations are safe and immediately effective, just not
        as convenient for anyone as RAI. Pain treatment is very effective as
        it is administered with those machines now.
        By the way, I had a second thyroidectomy 10 years later and my mother
        also had two. My grandfather had 5. That should be in the Guinness
        Book of Records.
        So, I certainly can be reassuring to this family.

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