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      I hope this year finds everyone Happy and Healthy.

      No mushy stuff and be sensible tonight. Don’t want to see a lot of
      questions on GD and pregnancy in a few months (Just kidding)

      Love to all
      Jake (Achgook) and Jan (Ladybug)

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        Happy New Year to everyone on the board!

        This time last year I was bedridden with no clue what was wrong with
        me. I honestly thought I was dying (actually I was) and also thought
        I was going insane ( I was).

        I had my blood levels checked yesterday and my levels are very stable on the “P” medicine. I have my life back, have incorporated Graves into my life pretty well considering its far reaching effects and have hope.

        To all of you who are new to the board, there is hope. To all of the
        “oldtimers”–thank you so much for all the support and valuable information. I have a wonderful outlook for the coming year. Realistic– but very hopeful and optimistic.

        My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. You have been wonderful and I wish you well in the coming year !! Be good to yourselves, you deserve it.

        Valerie L

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          Jake, Happy, healthy 1998 to you and Jan too. Thanks again for all your time and effort in facilitating this BB.

          I realized just now seeing that there have been 14,343 posts to date that I know I for one have read most of them. I remember when everyone was at the conference and we hit the 10,000 mark. I just realized why at the end of some days I wonder where it went. I was catching up with the BB of course. I have received a lot of helpful information,had great support and made many new friends through this BB. For that I am very grateful.

          Happy New Year to every one of you out there. May 1998 be happy, healthy and filled with smiles. SAS

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            Hi my friends!! Thought I had better post today. Had RAI 17 Jan. Feeling really good. I’m a little gun shy though, I just didn’t expect to feel this good so soon. I see my endo on Tuesday and she will check me over and adjust my meds. If anyone out there is about to have RAI, all I can say is that at this early stage post treatment, I thought I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good again. I must be heading for hypo now I guess, still got a long way to go. I had the 2 worst days of my life 5 days after treatment, but since then, fingers crossed of course, I feel well again. I now have to brace for the battle with hypo, I have gained weight already, but I don’t care, I have to get stable first and then I will worry about my weight and my eyes. It is a multi-stage battle we have to wage against Graves, and then hypo, but now I know I WILL win this battle. Reading the posts here each day really give me strength, they sometimes make me cry, but it is so comforting to know we are all in this together, that we all know how each other feels, what each one is going through at different stages of this curse we have. How nice that wo can put our 2bits worth in if we feel we have something to say. So…until I post again I will sign off. I love you all…..Keith

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