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      I would like to participate in the chat tonight but I don’t know how.
      Maybe someone would drop me a line to let me know how to get to
      conf. 1 or whatever. I have had Grave’s for about 1 year and have
      several questions. Do endos ever drop in. (This is my Very First
      message – my second day of being on line. wow.)
      I am a triathlete and possibly have some unique questions because of
      that – maybe not, though. I am using medication right now and at a
      low dose I seem to do fine. Once I get in the ‘euthyroid’ range I
      feel hypo – gain weight and all that. How can one be a competative
      athlete 10 lbs overweight. My endo says I should exercise more and
      eat less. I train 1-2 hrs/day and eat from 1500-2000 cal/day. That’s
      not much. I guess I’m wondering what the problem is with me idling
      a little high. My resting heart rate is 58-60 which is OK for me
      to train. Anyway, anybody there with a similar problem, I would love
      to hear from. Or an endo who specializes in sports med???

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        Here is the url address:

        This should link you to the chat room. I hope I am right(jake’s instructions). Good Luck All! If anyone reads this and has a better explanation, please feel free to spout off!


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          Hi, nope, that won’t get me in, either. Oh pain!! :>(
          Talk to you all later,

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            My husband puts on anything technical on my PC and I am still
            learning how this stuff works.

            So on my mIRC chat he stuck in just the numbers
            and we called it GD chat. We use the America Online and the
            port number for us is 6667.

            I haven’t had any problems yet using the above as a temp fix.

            Michele B.

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              Sorry guys, I only have Java chat, not mIRC, so no go for this poor little brain. Will just have to wait till it all gets fixed. Oh well, at least I can get to the support group when needed. Thanks for trying anyway.
              Hugs to all,

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