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      Greetings All,

      Well tonight is the night! I will try to do my best to answer your questions.
      I hope all the folks who answer the mail are on so I can get some help.
      The NGDF news letter has had quite a few folks sign up but I haven’t seen them
      on the BB. So we should see some new faces tonight. Thank You Annettee
      and Archie for all you have done. I must admit I am a little nervious. This
      has been more successful than we could believe. I will be on-line with out
      spell checker (as if you didn’t notice). Some questions I haven’t answered
      are still being checked on. I am not a medical type just some guy with
      Graves Disease. I talked to my group last night here in Florida and gave
      some of the messages from the board as handouts. We did come up with something
      that I thought was interesting. It seems to depend on what type of Dr you
      go to determines what the probable cause and treatment is. If you go to an
      osteopath, endo, internist, Pschologist, GP etc. they each have their own
      idea what causes Graves and how to treat it with what they know. Could be
      why we see so many different treatments and responses. Tonight talk among
      yourselves and have a good time. Hopefully we will answer some questions you
      have or just provide an ear to listen. Either way I look forward to seeing you
      this evening. In the words of the Lenni-Lenape: lattoniken weuchsowagan
      tgauchsin. (rough translation search for knowledge friends).

      See you tonight.

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