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      I have been dealing with numbing pain in my legs for the past two weeks, it feels like I have just run a marathon or gotten a job standing on my legs, it really hurts bad and aches.
      I now also have Strep throat and am feeling quite ill. Had to come to work though,
      I really look forward to having just ONE day of feeling normal again, ONE day would be great,

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        Not sure what muscles are involved in a charley horse. Dr. did tell me that leg cramps, especially in my calves would be a sign I had gone hypO after RAI. Have your level been checked recently?

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          Has anyone experienced charley horses in legs even after RAI and
          on hormone replacement? These just don’t seem to go away–goiter
          is gone by charley pains remain. Any suggestions? Anyone else
          experience this?

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            Hi all,
            Just thought I would post a little note and say that I am doing fine so far, after the RAI I had almost 3 weeks ago. I feel better than I have in a long time, my heart has slowed down to normal, not exhausted or tired, no side effects, just doing really good.
            I did go back to work this past Monday. I had two weeks vacation, so took them when I did the RAI. Enjoyed my son home from college this past weekend, and just spoiled him rotten ( but then he is already! lol)
            Don’t know how long this great feeling can last, but hey! Maybe it will stay, who knows? One can hope, right? I had such side effects with the 2 different ATD’s that makes this feel 100% better than when I was on them. Everyone is different. I do not regret trying the Tapzzz & Propzzz to see if they could help. I could not go that route, so did the RAI.
            I hope this helps someone else, if they are having trouble with the ATD’s, to not be afraid of the RAI. We have to fight this disease anyway we can, and with the help of this BB, we will go forward.
            Thanks, again, Jake, Jan & everyone. so far, so good!

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