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      You know, I have always understood that the jaw pain is a symptom of Sjogren, especially when accompanied by the aforementioned parotid gland swelling (they’re just below your ears — it’s what swells when you get mumps.) Drinking anything like juice will cause you great consternation! Often chewing on anything at all will have the same effect.

      Now, maybe it could be TMJ — I don’t know much about that, except I do remember reading that it was the fad catch-all disease for awhile. Beware…

      However, I’ve never heard of jaw pain being a symptom of Graves’. Maybe there’s someone out there who can enlighten both of us.

      This gets me back to my original question re Graves’ and Sjogren. So far, no one else has reported having been tested for both, although someone emailed me to let me know that Sjogren was mentioned in her copy of “Your Thyroid…” My second edition, copyright 1982 edition does not mention it at all. If checking — look at pg. 113. Maybe I need a newer edition.


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