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      Golly, just when you think you are over the hump – bang! Saw the eye doc today for a check on my cataract surgery which was on July 10. The first week after the surgery there was a problem and he removed some filiment. Today he told me that some of the cataract is still there and I will need to have it removed. The insurance won’t pay until three months have passed since the first surgery. So guess it’s going to be blurry a bit longer. On top of that he said my new lenses weren’t correct; make blue marks all over them and told me to take them back and have them make new “correct” ones. Obviously my vision was better than it had been in years after the surgery but wasn’t what I had hoped for. Guess I know why now. It just seems to go on and on and on. Sorry to rant, but I feel a bit testy this afternoon.

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