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      It’s my little sisters wedding day today, I had to call her last night
      to let her know I was to sick to attend. Yesterday I could not stop crying
      I feel so guilty, I know this will bother me always. The doctors cannot
      get my synthoid dose right it seems, I’m underactive now, guess that
      explains the depression and headaches, It doesn’t explain the weight loss
      though, I lost almost 25 pounds,went down to 88 now I’m 95 pounds. I have
      been going through this for 6 months now,even though I eat more then the
      average person my weight is still low. This doesn’t make sense to me.
      When your underactive you usually gain weight easily. I’ve had GD for a
      long time now my dosages change quite often never have I experienced this
      kind of problem, or felt this awful.
      It is the worst kind of feeling not having control over your own body, all
      I want is to feel “normal” again. Sorry to be such a downer,

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