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      im still awake. i think. either that or im having a happy side affect
      from my contacts (hehehe). i have been lost all day. netscape crashed on me
      so i decided to go back to sleep and it would all go away.
      didnt work. cats were still biting my toes to feed them.
      *sigh* but im going back to bed now.
      it feels good to be back!

      PS Ceptor you are the sweetest guy in the world! Glad i found you:)

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        have you found it strange how many people with graves have cats? my
        cat is wanting to play, but think i will try and go night night again.
        hope you sleep well

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          well it is just my cat and me. i haven’t been working lately but of
          course the night i can’t sleep, the next morning i have to go to work.
          that’s the way it goes, huh? shannon, wherever you are, is your car letting
          you get some shut eye? hope so!!!!!!! if anyone wants to chat, I’m awake.
          thanks, kitty

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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