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      Ahh, yes, that is *SO* frustrating, isn’t it? Sometimes I will be very
      good in remembering everything and then I forget everything under the sun —
      from what something is called, to appointments, to what was for dinner —
      sometimes to the point of forgetting what I just finished saying, even!

      It seems to have improved somewhat… but while we’re on the topic of
      symptoms… does anyone else have problems with extremely vivid and
      perturbing dreams? or is this just me? I was thinking perhaps it could
      be medically related… dunno…

      Donna (aka Danita, aka Radiant)

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        If you are taking meds, they can mess up your memory. There have been times I can’t remember my children’s names, forgot where I was driving to in the car and stopped speaking in mid-sentence because my train of thought just quit. Doc says when I finally got off PTU the memory should improve. Your hubby should realize that fuzzy thinking is part of the disease though.

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          Memory loss has been a big thing with me most recently.
          How many other graves sufferer’s have this where they
          have a fantastic memory one day and the next day can’t remember even what
          they had for dinner?? My husband thinks I am faking this and it is putting
          a strain on our marriage. Any super pills for memory retention??

          God Bless, ms.graves

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            There is a lot of info in bulletin #43 from the NGDF on mental functioning and
            GD. This was a study done of our members by the Univ of NC. We need input
            on whether people get all they way back to normal after treatment or whether
            they still have symptpoms like this for the rest of their lives.
            UNC is noting disorganized thnking patterns and feel this warrants more
            study as to long term effects.
            It’s not any better with me. these symptoms are still there 42 years after

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              Dinner?! I know that word, just gimme a minute, it’ll come back, umm, where was I going, what was I doing??

              Memory loss, heck, I go to sleep, and forget what I was supposed to do today…I used to joke that the only reason I could remember my name was because every one kept yelling it at me, now, I almost think it will be true if things don’t change.


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