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      Hi Shannon. I heard a radio programme on that very subject the other day. I listen to the radio a lot these days when I am resting my eyes. A lady called in and said you have to have a terminal disease before CPP will pay out on disability.

      When I applied through my insurance company, to which I have been paying premiums for disability insurance for the last 12 years, they told my employer that it was necessary for me to apply to CPP as well. I had to send a copy of my birth certificate and copies of all my Doctor reports and hospitalization for treatment results. My insurance company told my employer that it is very rare that CPP will pay out but it is necessary for me to send my “rejection” notice to them when I receive it.

      The thing that made me angry is that CPP will pay your Doctor $50. for forwarding these reports. If they know they are going to reject you why waste our money paying the Doctor for reports. My insurance company has told me if by any slight chance CPP gives me a monthly payment it will be deducted from their payment to me. I’m just glad I opted to pay premiums for disability insurance when I started with the firm 12 years ago. It’s a hell of a way to have a long holiday from work but getting the disability does help.

      Sorry, this sounds a bit complicated, I should have e-mailed you. E-mail me if you want.

      I just came in and turned on the computer because it is so hot here today that it is unbearable. The den with the blinds closed is the coolest room in the condo. I guess we have now started having summer – at the end of July!!

      Take care, SAS

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        For those Canadians with Graves, did anyone with major difficulties
        with this disease have any problems in getting C.P.P disability


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          SAS, your right you have to be terminal to collect C.P.P OR very
          mentally ill. The Canadian goverment is really cutting back and
          peoples pensions are even at stake. Hope to God that they don’t cut
          back anymore then they already have on our healthcare here in the
          Alantic provinces!
          My GP told me she has never heard of a person with Graves collecting
          or being approved I should say, for disability because it is not looked
          upon has a debilitating disease.
          Glad you finally got things worked out with your insurance :-)
          All the best,

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            What a Doctor!! If this disease isn’t debilitating I don’t know what is.

            It takes a good two hours in the morning before I can focus properly. It’s not uncommon for me to pour my first cup of coffee on the counter. I put sunglasses on first thing in the morning on a bright day as my eyes tear so badly. If I’m in a store or office building where there is florescent lighting I can’t look up (a few weeks ago the dentist had to pull all the blinds down so he could work on me and I was wearing sunglasses in the chair). I can only use the computer for short periods at a time and it’s use makes my eyes very sore. I have not been able to drive since July ’96 because of my double vision.

            Aside from the eyes my energy level is zip. If I go out and do an activity one day it wears me out for the next day. The stress of knowing I had to be on the job and complete administration stats on a deadline basis affected my sleeping so that often I was awake all night.

            My husband recently went to his Ophthalmologist for a check up an was telling him what I was going through. The Ophthalmologist’s comments were “Oh I’m so sorry – that is such a DEBILITATING disease.

            My Doctor has told me this disease takes a total drain on the whole system and he couldn’t understand how I worked as long as I did.

            Sorry Shannon, I’m not berating the messinger but when I hear people who are in a profession that is supposed to help and understand their patients making such comments – I get angry – especially before noon when I feel so debilitated.

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              SAS, I totally agree with you. It absolutely made me sick to hear
              a doctor say this. Unfortunately most of the “professionals”
              I’ve encountered seem to have this opinion! Maybe they are not
              educated enough in Graves, I one day hope to finally meet a doctor
              that is :-)


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