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      Well, I just got the results from my last blood test and they look fine so the problems I’ve been having must be due to stress, not the GD.

      To remedy this problem, I handed in my notice today. No more mismanaged work for me, I’m back to being my own boss.

      Wish me luck and if you or anyone you know of needs some desk top publishing or accounting work done send them my way (ha ha). I’m so relieved I feel like a weight has been lifted from my head and shoulders. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do this without the great support of my partner, who is just the greatest and the inspiration I find here on the board.

      Keep your sights high and don’t except 2nd best.

      Kindest regards to you all!
      Carol Anne

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        I guess I can be thankful that I feel hypo (even though I’m “not”) because today was full of stress! My 8 1/2 year old daughter has to have blood tests to check her WBC and level of epilepsy meds in her blood. They used the butterfly thing this time instead of just a regular needle. It’s supposed to hurt less, but it looks a lot worse. You can see all the blood going up this long, skinny tube to the vial. was making me uncomfortable. She tried not look, but at the last minute when they removed it, she did and got all glassy eyed and passed right out. I was terrified that it was a seizure (she has only ever had one before being put on meds, so I am NOT used to this). As it turns out, it was your regular-old-generic faint. They had to use smelling salts to rouse her and she felt dizzy and sick for a little while afterward. I was shaking…but not like I would’ve been when I was feeling hyper. Being in slo-mo can be useful – I was able to be calm, comfoting and make her feel less disoriented.

        On top of this, my husband’s transfer is supposed to be by November 1. Our house hasn’t even had a bite yet (market is slow in FL this time of year). Today the company told him that they’d REALLY like him to start in Ohio by September 1 (if we can unload the house). I’m worried about it even selling by November at this rate! If I was hyper, I know I’d be having insomnia over it…so another reason I can thank God for feeling hypo when I’m not.

        I hope that everyone elses’ day was better than mine.

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          Read your posting on 7/22…Now that’s what I call counting your blessings! Good for you!

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            Hi Everyone,

            I awoke this morning at 6am and waited anxiously until 8am so I could
            call the hospital. I was shaking like a leaf on a windy day and felt
            so nauseous I had to keep my head down to stop myself from being sick.
            Very yucky feeling :(
            Anyway I saw a doctor and am thinking this is all stress related.
            I don’t want to blame it on my GD, not yet until I have my results
            of my test. Where are the stress busters when you need them!

            Love to all,

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