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      Linda T. . .I am hypo with a TSH that just finally rose from .002 to .111, and yes this could be true for you (but only your doctor can say). After we have been hyper for a long time, the normal hypothalamus/pituitary TSH control mechanism shuts off, like a thermostat in a room that’s too warm. Very often, it fails to start up again when the “room” gets too cold. I have been hypo over two months and it is only beginning to function again. My endocrinologist told me it can take from 3-6 months for some people. He says this is a common occurence.
      Dianne N

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        Help! I can’t seem to get any answers. I’m on Tapazole. My most
        recent blood test indicates a TSH of .03. Yet, I don’t feel hyper–I
        feel hypo. Cold, more tired, slower heartbeat, heavier PMS/bleeding, etc.
        Anyone else experience this with Tapazole?

        I wanted to cut my dose because my brain is beginning to fog and my
        legs were developing a restlessness, but my doctor says no. Any help,
        comments appreciated.


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          This is true on PTU, too, isn’t it? In my report from the Endo it said
          that my TSH would stay low for a while (other blood levels are returning
          to normal). On PTU does that also take 3-6 months, and is this when
          they decide you are in remission or not, when it rises?

          Thanks. Glynis

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