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      The surgery will definately help your eyes. The people who post here are some of the worst case senarios. You should not fear the surgery.
      Jake had it along with 11 other surgeries and it was the best one he had, pain wise. Debby Jass has also had it. Maybe she’ll post to you.
      You didn’t say how the Doctor was going to do the procedure. There are
      a couple of different ways. Jake had his done under his lids, while
      Debby , I believe, had hers done through her mouth(I think that was it?)
      She’ll correct me if I am wrong. LOL. Anyway, feel free to e-mail me for any questions.

      GOOD LUCK!


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        Can anyone with graves disease and have had the decomprssion sugery tell me if I should have it done? My eyes are coming out almost everyday and my Doctors don’t seem overly concerned about it as I’am,and from different information I have read over the past few years on graves and the surgery I seem to be feeling that it would be a waste of time for everyone,is this the way I should be feeling?I honestly don’t know how I should feel anymore!But if your doctors don’t seem overly concerned maybe I am too concerned,could this be true? If I am over reacting I wish someone would tell me,but I’am scared to death now that this is happening to me daily with my eyes,I could and did handle it when they were only coming out 5-6 times a year.Can anyone help me and thanks everyone,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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