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      Hi Folks,

      I just wanted to get some feedback from everyone regarding the Bulletin
      Board. Some questions I have are as follows:

      1. We notice occasional blank messages posted. Is this because people are accidentally submitting them that way, or has anyone attempted to actually post a message then have it come up blank?

      2. We are currently keeping 1 month of messages available (I think this helps new folks get into the “swing of things” on this BB. Does this make the bulletin board page too long to load?

      3. Do you like the overall format of the bulletin board? Do you have any suggestions to make it easier to use?

      Also, if any of you have personal web pages which tell your personal story of dealing with Graves’, I’d like to put a link to your page from the Graves’ Disease page here on I forgot who it was that was starting the “eye collection” (and I’m too lazy to check back thru all those messages!)

      Continue to use this board as if it is yours, because it truly is…you folks have made it an overwhelming success and a great resource for people living with Graves’ Disease.

      As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.

      Annette Hensley

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        Annette– Thx to everyone who worked on the chat room. It was great.
        Hope we can get more people on next time.
        I have probably sent occasional blank replies if I hit the wrong key
        somewhere and it seems to erase the message and I have to start over.
        Have no idea as to what key I am hitting by accident.
        It might be more useful to have the more recent messages at the top of
        the list as it takes a while to scroll down them to get to a reply for
        any message you recently sent.
        Can you keep messages older than a week available to read, but on a list farther
        in the background?? Maybe on another page gotten to by clicking.
        Just a few thoughts. Let me know.

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          I agree with Joan. Could you reverse the order of the messages? It
          takes me forever to scroll to the bottom for the new messages. -Donna

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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