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    Looks great Annette! Thanks to you and Archie.


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    Hi All,

    After considering all of the great suggestions for improving the
    Bulletin Board, we’ve decided to make the “main” bulletin board show
    the last 7 days of messages. (I forget exactly who suggested this…was
    it you, Joan?) If you notice, at the top of the bulletin
    board, you have the option of viewing the last 30 days of messages.
    This should really help decrease the time it takes the Bulletin Board
    page to load for those of you that stay current with the messages, while
    allowing new folks the option of catching up with what’s going on.

    Also, the next chat room support group for Graves’ has been scheduled.
    You can view this information on our Graves’ Disease page (you can
    access that page from the link at the top of the main bulletin board

    Hope everyone likes the changes.


    Annette Hensley

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    The BB looks great. So much easier to access the new messages
    Lynn from TO

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    hi Not only am I new to the board, but I don’t have the disease my 12 year old grandson does.
    I had no idea that this condition existed and except for the few words we got from the “endo” we still know
    little or nothing.
    Kaly seems to be having a time of it he was fast approaching the puberty stage so, we missed
    noticing the changes in him for a long while and thought his behaviour
    was “bad” poor kid. One day I looked at him and thought he was going “mad”
    his eyes were popping out of their sockets and he looked as if he’s taken
    something to make him “High” fact is he is still a little boy and takes nothing at all.
    I’d be happy should anyone care to e-mail me and clue me in to this condition Thank you
    Grandma G.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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