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    Way to go, Bruce! I’m sure your wife loves the big smiles! Our
    prayers were answered.

    Work and FMLA. After reading the postings, I feel so fortunate. I work
    for a great company that really takes care of their people. Earlier this
    year I had back surgery and was off a total of 13 weeks before and
    after. Then back half time for a month. My salary never stopped and
    my job was waiting. The paper work is a pain, but it is really worth
    it. (Just figure the hours of paper work as opposed to your job or
    paycheck – no contest.) I was just back in the swing of things when the
    GD hit. Again, my company is wonderful. I haven’t had to miss too much,
    but I’m not as efficient. They are supportive and my supervisor even
    went and read all she could about GD so she would know what to expect.
    My heart goes out to all who are having employment problems. The only
    thing I can say is to ditto getting to know your rights.

    Eyes. OK – I’m old. I got bifocals right before my back surgery – my
    arms got too short. I’m sure glad I have them now just to protect my
    dry, red, itchy eyes. Even the thought of contacts makes me cringe right
    now. I just use drops all the time. Haven’t had to do the night thing,
    but that may be coming.

    Support. I’m fortunate to have a husband who is super understanding and
    supportive. He’s even making Thanksgiving dinner for my whole family –
    there will be 11 of us. Yesterday he went and bought a humidifier thing
    to put on the furnace (yes it’s cold in KC!) so I would be more
    comfortable. My friends aren’t doing so well, though. Since I don’t
    ‘look’ sick, they think I can do all. Sometimes I think I’m talking to
    the wind when I try to explain to them.

    Debby Jass – what is it with us Swedes from the Midwest?!!!

    That’s it for now. 3 1/2 weeks on the PTU and I’m so tired at the end
    of the day that it’s all I can do to sit at the keyboard. The
    itches are better, the eyes are worse, the PTU tastes horrible, I’m tired
    and ache all over….I’m really sick and tired of dealing with my
    body. Enough crying – it’s time for the vanilla candle and meditation.

    My love to all,

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