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      Hey Bruce,

      Your doc was probably not wrong…ravenous appetite is also one of the side effects. Time to back off on the Twinkie consumption. :) Did you increase your caloric and sodium intake while on the dreaded drug?
      An easy test for edema is: press with your finger on an extremity bone close to the surface (example tibia) after you have been up awhile (gravity). If the dent stays there, you are probable retaining water. My back used to be lumpy in the morning after getting up – water seeking it’s lowest level, I guess!
      Here’s a simple one day diuretic diet (no more than two days max) for getting rid of excess water.
      1. Up to 1 lb of fish or chicken prepared without fat or sodium.
      2. Up to 2 cups of low fat cottage cheese.
      3. One serving each of fresh asparagus and broccoli
      4. One serving each of cantelope an fresh pineapple.
      5. Lots of water – a minimum of 8 glasses.
      If you are retaining water, you can lose 5+ lbs. in a day. If you don’t lose any weight the first day, well, there you have it, not retaining water.
      This little diet usally does wonders for my mood as water retention is often associated with an increase in negative emotions.
      As for the beard hiding increased facial hair…Hey! Why didn’t I think of that!

      Claudia PS Loved your net pages! You are a very talented guy!

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