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      Brenda, my grandson Matthew lives with me – he has had Graves for over 2
      years now. He just turned 7 in October. He wasn’t diagnosed until last
      Feb. I found an excellent specialist who I trust with this child’s life.
      It is extremely difficult on a small child. He grew a foot and a half
      between his 5th birthday and his 6th. He has been on several different
      medications – some worked better than others. He has adjusted to having
      this disease and hopes someday he won’t have to get “needles”. He thinks
      he is going to turn into a vampire. We try to make jokes about it to
      lighten his emotional load. Let’s face it, as long as there is life, there
      is hope. Tell your friend that she must TRUST the child’s doctor, and
      make sure she asks lots of questions. I sometimes just stop the doc in
      the middle of his answers and say: “That was very interesting, now can
      you tell me in words I can understand?” He does just that. I too don’t
      know anyone else with a small child with this disease so there is no one I
      can talk to about it. Also, I have just recently learned that children with
      Graves qualify for SSI – social security disability income. It helps
      greatly to offset the medical and pharmaceutical costs. Tell her to call
      the local social security office for the information.

        Post count: 93172

        I was very hypothyroid at 4 years old. Did not grow for 1 1/2 years.
        Then I became ill with GD when 10. Out of school in 5th, all of 6th and
        move of 7th grade. But still surviving with GD. I’ll be 54 on Friday.
        I have 3 academic degrees and 2 careers ( science teacher and programmer).
        Also 2 healthy (so far) children and a wonderful husband. So I’m doing
        fine but don’t ask me anything about fractions or decimals cuz I missed
        all that in 6th and 7th grade stuff.

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