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      OK OK!!

      Boy do we ever get the e-mail when we post about using brand names. We
      even had people quit the BB and Chat over it. Here is the corporate thing
      on brandnames. Since Hensley International (That is Archie and Annette) and
      the Nation Graves Disease Foundation have gone togather on this BB we are
      providing a public service. It also means we gain public trust. If we use
      one brand name over another in our posts it gives the impression that Hensley
      Internaltion and the National Graves Disease Foundation is making a recommendation
      of one drug over another, treatment over another or one doctor over another.

      It is a basic tenant of support organizations. You must not show favoritism
      of product or person. We can even lose our non-profit designation and lower
      mailing costs due to it. The NGDF is not made of money and any loss of cash
      flow will hurt us greatly.

      By the way!! I got a call from the United Way yesterday. It seems some of you
      were kind enough to put us down as a organization to receive funds and they
      wanted to know where to mail the check!! THANK YOU!! Your help allows us to
      keep providing information and such.

      Thank You
      Jake (Achgook) George
      On-Line Facilitator
      National Graves Disease Foundation

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        I was going to mention the exact same thing as Jeannette but just had not got around to posting it yet. I find these days I often need a little “push” to do anything.

        When someone asks about Graves Eye disease and sleeping I would like to be able to mention the brands of ointment that were suggested to me – or at times the fact that I am not on any medications except one to keep my heart from pounding and name that medication.

        A post benefits a number of people at the same time and it is easy to do a quick reply when scanning the BB. I know we can e-mail this information but I find I don’t have the time or ENERGY to get back to my e-mails as quickly as I would like and then I feel guilty with the thought of answering hanging over my head.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like to give support by e-mail where I can and really appreciate all the support and information I myself have received via e-mail.

        I find that not being able to mention brand names makes the thought process harder when writing a post and the way I have been feeling lately I tend not to post rather than put the thought into wording it.

        As I have said before I REALLY APPRECIATE all the time and effort that goes on behind the scenes to make this BB work but have often wondered why a disclaimer wouldn’t work myself.

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          Will we be taken to court by the drug companies? Are we causing them to lose money by telling other who ask for are option or personal experiance with a med? If you were new to a town you might ask your next door neighbor were she gets her hair done. Her answer would be from her own personal experiance with the hair designer. That experiance could be a good or bad one for you. Are you going to sue her?

          I understand the legal aspect but is a disclaimer the way to go?

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