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      Just wanted to let you know my friend’s experience. She has been hypo
      for awhile (tho’ not graves). She said that when she started on
      replacement hormone or increased the dose, she felt jiggy and
      described feeling revved up and hyper. But, she found that after
      she had been at that replacement level for a couple of weeks, the hyper
      symptoms disappeared. Hope this will be the case for you as well.

      I think its pretty normal to feel scared and apprehensive or self-absorbed as our bodies bounce around. At least I hope so, because I feel that way at times ;)


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        I get scared sometimes too, about the memory thing. There are times
        even now that I second guess my memory. Actually, it’s been about
        8 weeks since my last synthroid increase and I feel better daily.
        My mind is very sharp. Seems, I hesitate less in conversations.
        Still, I second guess my memory. I beleive that it all does get
        better. I know with my case it seems to be so. At this point I
        know that I just need to trust myself more. I guess we just have
        to wait it out. You are not alone.


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          Yes, yes, yes. A year ago I would not have been able to say yes, but your memory and concentration do improve as you levels become normal. I notice myself planning ahead, remembering things and being able to actually carry on a conversation without stopping mid-sentence because the thoughts are just “gone”. I realize I am also thinking more about other people instead of being really wound up in myself. Everything gets better (except as we all know, the weight). Good luck. It is just something you have to get through – and you will!

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            Does the brain fog, concentration and memory settle when you levels get back to normal? I am 2 weeks into an increase in replacement hormone and I have to say that I can feel this stuff when I increase it. I do feel sleepy but yet I am almost on rev at times and I can’t seem to settle down. This might sound foolish, but have any of you ever gotten scared because you feel you might forget. I have felt all kinds of weird feelings with this disease. First it was all hyper and now at times I can’t explain how I feel being hypo. It’s almost like your’re there but you’re not. Sometimes I think I am cracking up, but then remind myself to stay calm because it is the hormones fluctuating. I know this takes time, but I sometimes really wonder will I ever feel normal again because I do remember what that is like. Sometimes I find I just get so self-focused and when I feel that I try to get busy to get my mind off myself. This thyroid disease does weird stuff. The last time I was to my doctor I mentioned to him sometimes how I feel and he said that it is apprehension. Even though I am after experiencing alot with this disease, I still get scared at times.

            Thanks for listening and Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians posting to this bulletin board.

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              My coping skills for …..what was I talking about? . . . .oh, yes, memory problems. I always have a pocket, either a jacket or a vest, where I keep a small notepad. If I’m going into the other room to pick up a glass of water, I write it down as soon as I think of it. This sounds a little too weird, but I found at my worst that I had to do it or I’d be going back and forth between rooms all day. Also, I started keeping a very small journal of daily things. “Wed. 7/1 Checked on car repairs, Joe at Body Shop, 555-1111. Ready on Thursday.” Everything that I did. It helped because friends would ask what I did last weekend and I would draw and absolute blank, even if I went to some big event or entertained friends. It was embarrassing. Now I have my little notepad and journal and they are my secret little helpers. Sounds silly, but it’s helped me.

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