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      well if you ask any endos
      about this subject fog and memory
      they will just not agree that the thyroid
      has anything to do with this subject
      in other words they would belive me
      more if i told them i just flew to Mars.
      I dont have any of my own readings
      on the fog i can tell you the fog is neat in England
      and the fog in my mind is there too, at times.

      But dont tell anyone they might lock me up
      others here might have experiences in the fog
      can we have some storys and answers?


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        I don’t have The Thyroid Book yet, can you please explain to me what it says about the brain fog? I have tried to hard to explain to my husband how I feel and fog is the best I can come up with. I would really like to know the cause of it. I went through a period of not being able to remember the last word of each sentence…….that was interesting. Thanks to all on the BB for the help.

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          Brain fog happens when I’m really tired over a few days. I feel it coming like a bag of cement on me and stubbornly I keep going and if I go out, say to the shop, I tell my partner and if I get foggy, I stop and eventually he comes and gets me or finds me. It is a hassle when camping at night though, so from that time onwards, he walks me to the loo. It is mainly if I’ve been partying to muchh eg easter, Christams etc.
          Lucky i’ve got him (at those times at least)

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            The famous brain fog is listed on a website as a side effect
            of hypothyroidism. It indicated under hypothyroidism; difficulty remembering
            and thinking clearly, trouble concentrating..
            It is pretty embarrassing when you are in the middle of a joke
            and you forget the punch line!! You leave everyone hanging!!

            The website is:

            Have a great day!

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