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      Hi em!

      It was really hot here by Lake Erie near Cleveland
      yesterday. I just took my good old time about doing
      things around the house. Took lots of breaks too.
      My son came home from work yesterday and let me know
      his supervisor said to work “slow and steady” due to
      the heat. Our electric went out in the afternoon too
      so we had to sit out in the yard.

      The good news is that it is raining today and much
      cooler. Hopefully the rain will make your way soon!

      Take Care,
      Michele B.

      P.S. I wouldn’t mess with my medicine dose. I like
      getting my blood work done and knowing it is within

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        i dont know about you guys but i find that even after many years—
        I cANT STAND THE HEAT!!! This weather is great if you are a plant!!!
        Nothing i do cools me down—-you go to the pool and within a half an hour
        I throw water on myself all day long—probably should be drinking more
        too—any suggestions from you warm weather heat lovin lizards???? i
        guess i could drop my synthyroid down…but at this point…i dont know
        if it would help!!!! last night was a low of 73 whoopie!!!!!! you can go
        outside and see the air it was 81 at 8am!!!!! All i want is a little
        ool breeze!!!!! Thanks for lettin me vent

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          Here is Savannah the heat index was 111 yesterday. The humidity will kill you. I have to have a fan on me in the morning to get ready for work!!

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            I do want to mention, over the past six months, I have tried various antidepressants with frightening results. Tricyclic antidepressants can help chronic pain, they say…so I tried it and became senile, no joke. Another one, which is used on CP patients, antiseizure med called Nerontin. It caused thought disorder. Like if I just said, now, red’s my favorite color, what’s yours? Hello. Prozac had me thinking that maybe not being alive was a solution. Never, have I ever thought that one before. So, I have looked at other options, Bobbie with scary results. I’m not saying, this is not just plain, garden variety anxiety. It’s just behaving like the graves symptom of agorophobia, it just does not change, it’s so consistent. Anyway, thank’s for listening. Dr Watson, What? That’s what it’s like, a mystery and I don’t have a clue. Peg

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              As to why you feel better hypothyroid? ??? So do I , though. I’ve had a TSH as high as 14 and felt just fine. My theory is that I LIKE going slow. ; ) Also, I loathed being hyperthyroid, so anything that resembles those symptoms makes me edgy. Anyway, I also feel OK at a TSH in the mid-range of normal, so I cannot complain. And, yes, it took a while for me to be diagnosed — it’s that problem with symptoms of one disease being similar to another. But, when I’ve had problems with my replacement levels — or thought I had problems with my replacement levles — and my doctor has said “It’s not your thyroid,” I then follow up with “OK, what IS it?” If you don’t follow things up with that type of question, the doctor stops thinking about the problem, which is something you don’t want to happen.

              Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator

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                Yep we have woolie boogers and gremlins and such playing havoc in the system.

                We are trying to find them and sweep them out but you know…

                It has been acting wierd for at least four days and we are working it.

                After all everyone knows woolie boogers can turn invisible. Makes it hard to find them…

                We are working on it. Sleepless as you can tell…

                Hope to have it fixed soon.

                On-line Facilitator

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