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      Sheila: Did you say you had RAI three years ago and are still waiting to become hypo? That doesn’t sound right at all? I have alot of your same symptoms. I had the RAI 1 1/2 years ago. I am now wondering if this disease goes on and on with little bothersome problems? Take Care, Sue.

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        Hi, Sheila: Yes, I’m the one you wrote to. I found this board a couple of weeks later. Just one more comment. Are you sure your internist knows how to read the blood work? Part of the reason that I had to wait so long to be diagnosed was that my family practice doctor was not up to snuff on the numbers, and misread the first blood work. I got this information from the doctor, herself, and also from the endo I subsequently saw. It’s just a thought.

        I had RAI the week before Thanksgiving, and am feeling better than before, but still hyper. I guess I expected it to “go” quicker. I should have remembered your post!

        Good luck.


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          Hi, Bobbi!

          Thanks for the reply. I do have an endo, but haven’t seen
          him for almost two years, I guess. No need to really, while
          I play the waiting game. Yep, I’m at a university and have
          read every medical text in the library on thyroid disorders,
          received info from the thyroid foundations and am always
          combing the web for new info. My doc was originally impressed
          with such initiative, but I think he is more intimidated
          than anything now. After working with docs, MD and PhD, I’m
          not impressed/intimidated by any of them anymore. They don’t
          have anything that I couldn’t get (credential-wise), if I
          decided I wanted to do it. Maybe that bugs my doc too.
          Regarding the psychological aspects of GD, none of them have
          really bothered me all that much except the fact that I am
          very conscious of my deteriorating memory. I’m bothered most
          by the physical effects like weak/aching muscles, fatigue, lack
          of appetite, weight gain and cold intolerance. That’s what
          really bugged me the most about my doc’s suggestion yesterday.
          Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. Thanks for the reply. BTW,
          are you the same Bobbi that I replied to from
          when you were trying to decide whether or not to do RAI? I’m
          the one who has been waiting for almost three years now to become
          hypo since having RAI.

          Sheila H.

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