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      Hi Bob,
      I am interested to note that you were diagnosed in the military. I am an AF dependent myself and receive all my treatment at the base. I was also told right from the start that the RAI would take care of the trouble. I would be become hypothyroid, which is easy to treat. I have found that this is not the case. Even though my bloodtests show that I am “normal”, I still have the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I am curious how your complaints as a man differ from mine as a woman. For example, the doctors keep me at a “low” normal blood level of T4 because they claim that any higher levels can endanger the calcium in my bones. (a female problem) The doctors also seem to disregard my symptoms of tiredness, tendency to gain weight, feeling cold, weepiness, etc to being a premenopausal woman. Do you as a man get these same symptoms and how does the doctor react to them? Are your bloodlevels within normal? Do you get more synthroid(or equivalent) when you need it? Do your symptoms differ much from the ones that we discuss here(and it seems the majority of us are women). Thanks!

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