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      Hi All.

      Got lots of E-mail on my thoughts at large. First off no one said I offended
      them and that is good. On the other hand I am a support group leader and should
      try not to offend others. Religion and politics have no place in a support
      group setting. Just got a burr under my breach clout I guess. Sorry if I
      offended anyone. I will continue to put native american sayings on the BB when
      I find one that fits.

      Went back to the Pow Pow today and spent all day. Traded some flutes I made
      for stuff to make my wife and my son medicine bags. Got some turtle shells and
      deer hide and the like. Started to make them this evening. Also started to
      make some more flutes. Lots of Pow Wows coming up the next two months. Had
      a great time.

      I wish you all peace and may Grandfather give you pleasent dreams.

      Love you all, Achgook (Sorry if I offended anyone. It was not my intent)

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